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      We have built a software that does a more general version of our consulting. While its not nearly as advanced as the software we use, its often a great place to start, and something you can use yourself!
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    • Building Energy Helper, LLC

      For about two years Building Energy Helper has been providing high quality consulting services working on projects ranging from a few thousand square feet to hundreds of thousands of feet in size. We pride ourself on fast & reliable service at an unbeatable price. Our efficiency, passion, expertise, and very focused service listing all factor into our ability to offer services at such ultra competitive rates.
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    • BEhelper

      Separate from our consulting services we have been developing software specifically made for non professionals. Currently the software is free to use, and we would love for you to try it! We are working to improve it every day, and are always looking for feedback.
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Our Purpose

In everything we do, we believe data can empower design.
We do this by starting with customers and building our products & services around their needs.
We happen to be experts in building energy and software development.

Building Energy Helper's Story

Since 2015, Building Energy Helper has sought to transform the building energy industry through its consulting services and its software. There is too much at stake for both building owner's wallets, and the planet to keep letting energy analysis be so difficult for architects. At every level our products & services are made to deliver our users & clients awesome insightful data for their buildings & designs. Our modern approach lets us deliver quality work more efficiently than our competitors. As a result of that efficiency, and our passion for energy analysis, we are committed to providing services at a lower cost then anyone else.

 Consulting Services

To-date we have modeled well over 1,000,000sf of commercial buildings. Our near 100% return rate of our clients is a statement of our commitment to quality service and an unbeatable rate.

 BEhelper ( our software for non-experts )

BEhelper grew out of Seed Spot, an incubator for social conscious startups. BEhelper is an energy analysis software that empowers architects & building owners to run their own energy analysis. While it is not as versatile as the software we use for consulting, it can shed a tremendous amount of light on your building or design allowing you to make decisions faster, and more informed.

To date we have conducted nearly 100 customer interviews. Also nearly 1,000 architects, engineers, building owners, and building energy experts have used BEhelper. We have used all this information to guide us as we continually make improvements. 

How To Reach Us


Phone: 520 - 230 -1907

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